Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess- Stayin’ alive, and dancin’ with the one that brung him

Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess- Stayin’ alive, and dancin’ with the one that brung him

Well, I made it.  Though my faith failed me for a bit in the end, God never did.  Just as I’d resigned myself to the fact that my Realtor-ness would come to an end effective 1/1 (or today, however it is that they whack folks when they whack ’em), the Lord came through for me.  I’ll allow the details to remain private- but suffice to say that God is good.

I’m not out of the woods yet, mind you- but I have renewed energy and commitment to staying above water and doing my part for the greater good.  Thank all of you that have offered kind words thus far.  I look to do my best in 2012 to be even more the giverless often the givee.

Above any and all else, may God bless and keep all of you safe throughout this year.  This year and every year, may you find Him to be both your shield and portion.


Orlando Property Manager and Realtor Dennis Burgess (Hampton & Hampton Management & Leasing, Inc.) discusses his plans for 2012.  Unabashedly “old-school” to the core, Dennis looks to serve his clients in 2012 through a combination of but four simple things:  Hope, Prayer, Hustle and Heart.  Dennis has high HOPES that 2012 will be greater than 2011.  His PRAYER is that the Lord God Almighty will have blessings upon him, his clients and his colleagues.


He plans to HUSTLE for his clients- providing them with the highest-caliber service one might find, and by doing his best to stay abreast of all laws, statutes, ordinances and rules that affect the property management industry.  Dennis’ goal is to never lose a client for reasons of dissatisfaction.


Lastly, Dennis puts his HEART into everything he does.  He’s an active member of the Orlando Regional Realtors Association (ORRA) and loves his church, Aloma Church (Winter Park, FL).  Dennis truly loves being a part of the local real estate community- and more importantly- a part of Jesus Christ’s greater, world-wide Church.


Give Dennis a call if you feel he may be able assist you or any of your clients.


Orlando Property Manager Dennis Burgess- Stayin’ alive, and dancin’ with the one that brung him


DENNIS B. BURGESS Property Manager and Leasing Agent Licensed Florida and Alabama Realtor
Hampton & Hampton Management & Leasing, Inc. 7524 Municipal Dr. Orlando, FL. 32819
Turning vacant into occupied, and “houses” into “homes”SM
205-445-4755 cell
407-253-9324 office
407-253-9326 fax
 ActiveRain Real Estate Social Network
We Are Alabama

About Dennis Burgess

Dennis B. Burgess Realtor in Orlando, FL ORRA Vice-chairman of Strategic Planning/Secretary ORRA/FR Boards of Directors Empire Network Realty 6000 S. Rio Grande Ave., #104 Orlando, FL 32803 Cell: 205-445-4755 Office: 407-440-3798 bamaburgess@hotmail.com Twitter: @orlrentals Turning vacant into occupied, and "houses" into "homes"
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