When Your Tenant Tapes Your Toilet Back Together And Bails…

When Your Tenant Tapes Your Toilet Back Together And Bails...

When your tenant tapes your toilet back together and bails…

…it’s time to hire a professional property manager- like yours truly.

Every now and then, someone will ask me “What would I need you for?  I sign my tenants up, they pay rent, they leave.  All of that ‘property management’ hocus pocus is for the birds!”

There are surely some good tenants out there, and good homeowner/investors that are more than capable of managing their own properties.  No doubt about it- when things go well, the ol’ Mr. Landlord and Mr. Tenant thing is pretty dang sweet.

But things don’t always go well.

It’s January 3rd and your tenant hasn’t paid his rent…What do you do?

Your tenant moved in with a puny little rat-looking dog- yet a neighbor calls to complain that your tenant’s Rottweiler just bit their kid…What do you do?

You drive by your home for a little look-see one day- and find that your tenant’s invited the neighborhood over to bounce on his kid’s trampoline…What do you do?

When your tenant tapes your toilet back together and bails…

As with anything else, property management is relatively easy when all goes well.  When everything “functions as intended” (to borrow a term from back in my software engineering days), life is great.

But when things aren’t great, it’s a real blessing to have a professional property manager in charge of your property.  It’s easier to rest your head when you know that the professional property manager you’ve hired can (and will) take care of any issues that arise.

The answers, by the way… Here in Florida, we post statutory notices to inform tenants that their rent is late, and that they have 3 days to pay the rent and appropriate late fees- or we may commence eviction proceedings.

Aggressive breed dogs such as Rottweilers and “attractive nuisances” such as trampolines are typically covered in a lease agreement- and most leases provide you with the opportunity to post the tenants with a “7-day notice with opportunity to cure” and wait out the time period.  If the pet or trampoline hasn’t been removed (and problem “cured”), you may commence eviction proceedings for breach of the lease.

The toilet?  This is an item that your professional property manager would have included as part of the move-in video they made just prior to the tenant’s move-in.  Unless the toilet was taped together at move-in, your tenant would forfeit monies from their security deposit to pay for a new toilet.

…chances this toilet was taped together at move-in:  zero.

If you have any questions about either the professional property management business as a whole or how I may be able to provide you with outstanding management services, please feel free to give me a call or drop me a quick email.  I look forward to- and welcome- the opportunity to be of service.

When your tenant tapes your toilet back together and bails…

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