Who really drives a Rolls-Royce?…and where’d all of those Buicks go?

Who really drives a Rolls-Royce?…and where’d all of those Buicks go?

OK, it’s a Saturday… so I figured I’d proffer these crazy questions:  Who really drives a Rolls-Royce?…and where’d all of those Buicks go?

I was driving down I-4 here yesterday (in the left lane, where my somewhat-lead-footed self is often found), and I came upon a beautiful car.  It was pure white…clean..metal sparkled and shined.  I didn’t know what kind of car it was initially- but I knew the dang thing was pretty.

That beautiful machine turned out to be a 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom– as pictured above.  And the thought hit me….Who drives these things?  I’ve seen ’em on MTV Cribs and stuff, remember seeing them on shows like Dallas and 90210…but I’ve never had a buddy of mine own one.

For some reason, I just can’t envision myself sitting around the TV, watching a ballgame or something (watching my 13-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide win their 14th National Championship on Monday, for example) and saying to myself or my buddies “You know- I think I might go shoppin’ for a Rolls-Royce Phantom this week.  Wanna ride with me?”  Nope- can’t see it.

Who really drives a Rolls-Royce?…and where’d all of those Buicks go?

Must have been a good day for car-thinkin’ or something.  for the next thing that crossed my mind was The Buick.  When I was young, my uncle Bill drove a Buick similar to the one above- a 1985 Buick Le SabreMy uncle Bill was a Realtor, and he drove a Buick.  The “insurance man” that dropped by to see my grand-daddy every 6 months?  Yep, he drove a Buick.

It’s funny how one forms their opinions, views, etc.- and what influences those opinions and impressions.  For me, Realtors drove Buicks.  Insurance salesmen drove Buicks.

But nowadays, The Buick and other similar automobiles are few and far between on our streets… and chances are pretty dang good that if you have an ’85 Buick Le Sabre roll up on you today, some Pimp My Ride wanna-be has morphed the thing into something my uncle Bill would surely never drive.

Yes, folks- the Great American Automobile has become the true phantom of our roadways. 

So what about you?  What type of car do you drive?  Do you feel you have to drive a certain vehicle to be respected?  Do you feel some folks still expect Realtors to drive Buicks?

I think I’m gonna need to know the answer fairly quickly- ’cause I’ll go get one if it’ll help me in my business…and there’s already a line to get one pimped.

Who really drives a Rolls-Royce?…and where’d all of those Buicks go?


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