Keep our schools open…and pay us $50/hr to make a $20 pair of Levi’s

Keep our schools open…and pay us $50/hr to make a $20 pair of Levi’s,0,6148315.story

How important are local schools to you?  I mean, how important are they to you and your business- but also how important are they to your life?  Is there any difference?

I just finished showing a property to some folks who were looking to move their kids into a “good” school zone- ’cause the school their kids currently attend is in a crappy one- their words, not mine.  But the property’s current tenants are moving to another place because they think that that school zone is crappy!

Bottom line is that schools are important to both my daily life and my business livelihood.

The story that follows, then, is an important one as well.  It’s one of a great deal of Valentine’s Day rejoicin’– as many parents here in Seminole County are puffing out their chests over their recent achievment:  the Seminole County powers-that-be (or are?) blinked and decided not to close any of “their schools” for the coming year.

But at what price?  The money that’s needed to eliminate the system’s multi-million dollar deficit has to come from somewhere, you know?

We’ve had referendums on tax increases to pay for schools, and they’ve been voted down- so how can parents vote down monies earmarked for “their schools”- yet expect the schools to somehow get paid for?  Makes no sense.  But one need not look far to find a precedent for this wacky line of economic figurin’….

Keep our schools open…and pay us $50/hr to make a $20 pair of Levi’s

We Americans want to earn $50/hr- yet we want our prices that we pay for things to stay low….how much sense does that make?  During the initial NAFTA talks back in the ’90s, Ross Perot was dead on when he said that Mexicans making $2/day weren’t going to pay $20 for a pair of Levi’s.

While our economy is a bit different from the one to the South of the border, Econ 101 holds true in both places:  if something is going to be cheap, folks get paid little to make it.  If folks get paid a lot to make something, it’s not going to be cheap.

Here in Seminole County, parents need to realize that schools need money to operate– and if they vote down money for “their schools” when they’re given the opportunity, it’s their own fault if “their schools” get shut down when the county’s broke.

Keep our schools open…and pay us $50/hr to make a $20 pair of Levi’s


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