“I knock your head off your neck…” and other encouragin’ words

“I knock your head off your neck…” and other encouragin’ words

I was on my way to church the other night, and pulled alongside an older-model Chevy Caprice.  The car was a classic, no doubt, and was most likely bought at a police surplus sale of some sort.  Those spray paint-covered-over “POLICE” letters sure are eye-catching!

But more so than the coupe’s appearance, it was it’s sound that drew my attention.  The gentleman surely loved his tunes- and seemed to believe the rest of Orlando would love them, too.  I beg to differ with his latter line of thinking, though- as his choice in tunage offered up some very un-church-like verses, including the following:

…I knock your head off your neck

…I got my hand up her dress”, and the classic

…An AK-47 is my f*&%ing address

Just a bit of research on my part revealed that these great rhymes come from the song “John(If I Die Today” by Lil Wayne.  Apparently, the ditty also “features” some guy named Rick Ross (whoever he is).

I won’t include a link to the song or its complete lyrics here- but you can easily find it with a Google search. It might be safer, though, for you to simply trust me that it may very well be filled with more vulgarities and curse words than any song I’ve ever come across.

“I knock your head off your neck…” and other encouragin’ words

I’ve always loved music- don’t get me wrong.  I still have (and yes, I know I need to get rid of) about 650 CD’s and over 1,000 cassettes.  I get my love of music honestly, too- as I’d say my dad easily has over 3,000 CD’s and could very well have 4,000.  And I actually listen to the words when listening to songs- not just the tune or “the jam”.

Watching Glen Campbell on The Grammys the other night, a verse from Rhinestone Cowboy stuck in my head- “There’s been a load of compromisin’, on the road to my horizon”. I can relate to those words much better today than I ever could when I first heard them as a younger guy, I guarantee you that. Music truly is the soundtrack of our lives.

But I guess I still have a ways to go, and a ways to grow. I’m thinking it might be a while before I can look back and relate to knocking somebody’s head off their neck- and that’s probably a good thing.

Yep…I’ll just stick to a song from a few minutes later in the evening- “Mighty To Save”.

“I knock your head off your neck…” and other encouragin’ words


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