So how many MORE racists does ESPN have?

So how many more racists does ESPN have?

OK, cue the music…”duh, duh, duh…duh, duh, duh”. Or is that “dumb, dumb, dumb…dumb, dumb, dumb”? Another day, another racist slur from the ESPN airwaves, another apology that makes everything better….

I love ESPN- let’s get that out in the open. I love the Sports Reporters, Outside The Lines, SportsCenters of all type…and love it when GameDay makes their way to Tuscaloosa to highlight one of the games my 14-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide is playing.

But I’m no big fan of racism– and the pattern of racist comment/apology ESPN seems to find acceptable is far from acceptable to me. It’s quite troubling- but also puzzling: Why does ESPN tolerate and compensate those who make racist comments?

If once is a mistake and twice is troubling, what do you call five incidents of racism?

– 2008 Olympics in China. Chink in the Armor comment used with regard to U.S. basketball team troubles

ESPN Analyst Jalen Rose uses racist “white boy wasted” comment on ESPN Radio when speaking of Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski

ESPN guest columnist Jason Whitlock posts racist and infamous “Some lucky lady…” Jeremy Lin Twitter message and offered a weak apology

– Wednesday…ESPN analyst discussing the Knicks/Kings game used the Chink in the armor comment, ESPN later apologized.

– And along comes this morning. Just 3 days removed from their last racist comment, ESPN again chose to use the racist “Chink in the armor” headline for a story they ran on the Knicks’ latest loss.

The headline was taken down after thirty minutes or so. But who cares? Racist is racist– whether one be black, white or Asian. All folks are due respect, none deserve the epithets and slurs ESPN’s folks so freely use.

So what’s next? Whose race will ESPN’s folks assault next? Call me crazy or blame it on my having grown up in Birmingham and having seen so much of it that I’m past sick, but I just don’t think racism is as funny as some ESPN folks seem to think it is…and I don’t think it can be excused away with scripted apologies.

So how many MORE racists does ESPN have?


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