Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!

Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!

Disney closes new Habit Heroes exhibit after criticism for stigmatizing fat kids,0,4687677.story#tugs_story_display

Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!

I’m sorry if folks are offended by this  Some folks might be offended by this- and I thank those folks in advance for stopping by, and urge them to kindly move along to the next blog for a post they might find more palatable (pun surely intended).

But here’s the story:  Fat is not good.  Being fat is not good.  Can’t remember the last time I said or I heard any of my friends say “Dang!  Sure wish I was just a little fatter!”  Nope.  Hasn’t ever happened, and I don’t think it ever will.

And when our kids can either 1) visit a Disney ride with characters called “Will Power” and “Callie Stenics” as positive role models that balance out the negative “Lead Bottom” and “Snacker”, or 2) waddle over to the 7-11 for some Ho-Ho’s and Ding-Dong’s because the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) says that fat is OK, I’d prefer the former.

Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!

Is this Disney ride the best it could possibly be?  Of course not- but I’ll applaud anyone’s efforts toward steering fat kids towards healthier diets.  Fat kids often grow into fat adults- and the current generation of fat kids is afflicted with Diabetes and other problems in numbers that all but ensure many won’t survive to see adulthood- let alone thrive once they reach it.

NAAFA (whose website I refuse to link to, but may be easily found) believes “fat acceptance” is a civil rights issue- something I can’t help but find offensive.  Martin Luther King, Fred Shuttlesworth and others marched through the streets of my native Birmingham for civil rights– and Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) took a pretty good beating crossing Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge as he marched for civil rights.

NAAFA, you’re no Martin Luther King, you’re no Fred Shuttlesworth and you’re no John Lewis. 

NAAFA and their ilk’s claim of victory for shutting down a Disney ride they’ve referred to as “horrifying” and discriminatory is pathetic.

So, parents…which do you prefer- the goal of Disney‘s ride in promoting healthy lifestyles (while remembering they’re looking to educate kids with absolutely no requirement to do so), or…

The line of thinking in their bylaws where NAAFA says that “it is normal to be attracted to a fat partner“, and that NAAFA “strongly discourages participation in weight-reduction diets“?

Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!


Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!


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One Response to Don’t blame Disney if your kid is fat…and fat is NOT OK!

  1. Elvie says:

    I found your arguements very interesting. You bring on some valid points however, no one has the right to stigmatize an overweight child. Overweight children put up with enough crap having to face being chastized by Disney. There needs to be a balance and I don’t agree that they should have shut down the ride. We need to educate are children not on fat is bad and skinny is good. Rather educate them better; being healthy is not about a number on the scale. Health is much more than that.

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