My problem with Rush Limbaugh is…

My problem with Rush Limbaugh is…

Both the politically-inclined and the politically averse have surely heard tell of radio king Rush Limbaugh‘s comments about Sandra Fluke (or the lady who may forever be known as the “third-year Georgetown law student”).

Following her testimony in front of some Nancy Pelosi kangaroo congressional hearing (where she lamented that birth control pills are just too danged expensive and could very well cost her upwards of $3,000/yr if she had to pay full price), Rush referred to Fluke as both a slut and a prostitute.

My problem with Rush Limbaugh is… not that he called the lady some names.  The problem I have is that Rush has made this a story of himself- and has played into the hands of some lying Democrats that relish the diversion from the topics that our current president and the quartet that (hopefully) includes the one man who’ll take his job should really be discussing.

Jobs, anyone?  National debt, anyone?  Talk of how our current president has us enjoying the worst relations with Israel in recent memory?….. Never mind.

My problem with Rush Limbaugh is… that I’m going to have to wallow in the mire for a few minutes to simply point out some hypocrisies from the left side of the aisle…

The following comes courtesy of Michael Sargent, Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee:

“It offends me that Republicans made birth control an issue”…no, Michael- we didn’t.

With regard to Ms. Fluke:  “All she was doing…that birth control is basic preventative health care”… no, Michael- she was whining ’cause birth control is expensive for students (insert eye-roll here).

Sargent has started a lame-brained petition to take Rush off the air (who’s for free speech, anyway?).  The funny thing isn’t the petition itself, though- but rather how many of the folks that assail Rush for his caustic comments have some wonderful things to say about him.  Hmmm…

Just one fine example:

“Hey Rush, SHUT THE HE#$ UP!!!  I assume you are a childless piece of crap” – Cynthia White, post #1324

Don’t hold back, Cynthia- let America know how you Democrats really feel.

My problem with Rush Limbaugh is… that, for the first time in my bloggin’ life, I’ve had to use “piece of crap” in a post.


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2 Responses to My problem with Rush Limbaugh is…

  1. Elvie says:

    Somehow you always leave me for a loss of words. So you think it’s a plow by the Democrats to divert attention from the real issues? I hate Rush Limbaugh because he’s a pompous uninformed ignorant bastard. What he said was out of order.

    • PAt says:

      It looks like you can express your opinion without being critized? How about that freedom of speech!
      This whole conversation is absurd, we have more important things to talk about. How about putting people back to work so they can take care of their families, and how about cutting the spending. Now that’s what we need to be talking about , not about intimacy in your own private home.

      Pat V

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