Love America? Hire a Veteran Today

Love America?  Hire a Veteran Today

Why are the simplest of things often hard?  Why is “common sense” so uncommon?  And why the heck is the unemployment rate for our returning war heroes higher than our nation’s overall unemployment rate?

As my granny used to say, “Somebody oughtta be ashamed”.  In this case, America, that “somebody” is all of us.

Love America?  Hire a Veteran Today

12.1% to 8.7%- veterans lose out on that one.  Our country’s heroes leave the Jersey Shores, South Beach and all points between there and California‘s coastline. They leave family, friends and all luxuries behind- from a trip to that great steakhouse down the street to making that stupid stop by Starbucks or the 7-11 every morning.

They stay awake to protect us while we sleep, and many die so that many more of us may live- and live freely.

So here’s a question for you, Mr. Hiring Manager…Mr. CEO…Mr. Head Man on the Crew: When one of our heroes has returned home from their service on foreign soil while protecting your family, can you at least give them a job and a way to get back into taking care of own?

Love America? Hire a Veteran Today

12.1% to 8.7%…Those are our most recent veteran/non-veteran unemployment numbers- and while the overall unemployment rate is (insert Conservatve eye-roll here) 8.7%, the veteran unemployment rate is 12.1%.

Sad numbers? Yep. Disappointing numbers? Check. Discouraging numbers? Not a chance- because I still have faith in America, faith in her people, and faith in our almighty God whose hand she rests in.

What about you? Can you show some faith in America? Confidence in knowing that those who’ve engineered, designed, operated and supervised the equipment and personnel that comprise the greatest fighting force the earth’s ever known can do a great job for you back here, too?

Love America? Hire a Veteran Today


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