Neighborhood Watch…or no Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch…or no Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch or No Neighborhood Watch?- that is the question.  Or at least one of them.

So where do you stand?  Are you in favor of Neighborhood Watches, or against them?  Do you feel the serve a purpose in the community you live and work in- or are they simply a bunch of nosy, busybody Gladys Kravitzes with nothing else to do with their lives but check for “foreign” vehicles along their beat?

The simmering Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case is surely causing many to give Neighborhood Watches more consideration than ever- and I’m not yet sure whether that’s a good thing.

Would you want to get “Zimmerman’d”? I wouldn’t, and I dare say few others would welcome such a thing.  The merits of the Zimmerman case (or lack thereof) notwithstanding, I just fear it’s end result will leave us mourning the loss of more than Trayvon Martin.

“Neighbors looking out for each other” will rest in a casket, too.

Neighborhood Watch, or no Neighborhood Watch?


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