George Zimmerman in jail, other Trayvon case thoughts

George Zimmerman in jail, other Trayvon case thoughts


Hard to live and work around here without this case taking over at least some part of your day.  Driving into Sanford this afternoon, for example, I thought “Dang.  Hope there aren’t any protests today that are gonna have the roads shut down”.  Might be silly, but that was a thought.

As I’ve made a number of comments while this case progressed, I’d be remiss if I failed to comment on things as they stand now- and actually would’ve done so earlier today had I not had 13 showings.  So, here we go, with

George Zimmerman in jail, other Trayvon case thoughts

To Al Tawana Brawley Sharpton:  How dare you try to be the voice of calm here- you sorry, self-serving race-hustler?  You and your main “self-serving” competitor, Jesse Jackson, swept into our area and did nothing but fan the flames of racial divisiveness from the start.  So don’t try to preach to others from any moral high ground- you’re standing in quicksand.

To the family of Trayvon Martin:  Please, please, please take a stand only you can take- and rid our community of the aforementioned race-hustlers.  One would like to believe that you are simply a grieving family- nothing more, nothing less.  One that has had a son killed and would like to get to the bottom of why it happened.  I’d like to believe that.

But it’s gonna be a long haul, Martin/Fulton families– a long haul.  And the longer you surround yourself with advisors such as those race-hustlers Sharpton and Jackson (and remnants of the racist, vigilante New Black Panther Party), the less sympathetic you’ll become.  If “support” is what you seek, it’s best found in your local church- not on a stage where others are using your son’s name and tragic death for their own gains.

To all who have claimed to seek justice, here it is… This is the beginning of the legal proceedings that will ultimately result in George Zimmerman’s exoneration or conviction.  And justice will have been served, regardless the result of those proceedings.

I’ll go on record this very minute, and agree to accept a jury’s guilty verdict if ever one is returned.  Our judicial system will have run it’s course, and I’ll accept that Zimmerman was given his due process.

But can all of you agree to accept any eventuality?  Or is a Zimmerman conviction your only justice?

And parting words for you, alleged civil rights icon and race-hustler Al Sharpton… 2009 saw 4,094 black men in America killed by other black men.  At the rate of more than 11 per day, it’s safe to assume that 11 such deaths occurred on February 26th, 2012- the night Trayvon died.  Are you on to march against some of those killers next?  Aren’t those lives that were lost as precious as Trayvon’s?

Or is it only those rare black guys killed by folks that aren’t black whose lives have value to you?

“Injustice anywhere…” begins a quote from a fine man who’s most likely turning in his grave over your actions thus far, Al and Jesse– so please refrain from including him in your messages.  It’s sickening.

Black-on-black murders 2009

I now pray for the revelations of all facts in this case, and for the hands of the almighty God to be upon both prosecution and defense as this case moves forward.  Amen.

George Zimmerman in jail, other Trayvon case thoughts


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