Roll Tide AND War Eagle…class acts with heart

Roll Tide AND War Eagle…class acts with heart

Bad guys in the sports world?  Easy to find.  There’s the guy with 10 kids by 10 different mothers, and he’s thought enough of any of them to marry them.  There’s the guy that makes millions of dollars every year, yet leaves a $3 tip for a waitress that’s busted her tail serving his party for a couple of hours.  And there’s a certain quarterback (who shall remain nameless in this post) who had abitof an animal cruelty problem.

Good guys in the sports world?  They’re around, too- but all too often it’s those seeking to glorify themselves who get placed upon pedestals while a new Jets quarterback seeking to honor our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is lampooned.

Roll Tide AND War Eagle…class acts with heart

But along come the stories of 2 acclaimed running backs with ties to my Sweet Home Alabama.  In the story above, 2-time National Champion Trent Richardson from my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide made young Courtney Alvis’ dream come true by escorting her to her prom last night.  A class act from a guy with a big-time schedule these days and a bright future ahead in the NFL, yet a heart that’ll be there long after his playing days are done.

Still to come this month, Auburn’s Heisman Trophy-winning running back Bo Jackson will bike across the State of Alabama in hopes of raising $1 million for tornado relief efforts still ongoing from last April’s storms.  More info on his trek can be found at

Though a life-long fan of the 14-time National Champion Alabama Crimson Tide, I have no problem saying that Bo Jackson is most likely the greatest athlete I’ve ever seen.  His efforts on the football field are legendary- yet it’s his continued efforts toward showing the love he has for his Alabama home that sets him apart from others these days.

Thank you to Trent Richardson and Bo Jackson for being excellent role models for all of us.  Roll Tide and War Eagle, fellas.

4/27/11- Tuscaloosa Remembers

Roll Tide AND War Eagle…class acts with heart


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