300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of ’em Roll…

300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of ’em Roll…

300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of ’em Roll…

I just love Wal-Mart…  I’ll go ahead and leave the positives and negatives of Wal-Mart itself for another dayand not delve into whether it’s been more boom than bust for may of our nation’s communities.  Rather, I’ll share/rant about my trip to Wal-Mart last night.

So many carts, so many choices… Dang.  Wal-Mart’s got a lot of shopping carts.  Cart Choice #1 is looking good….but a fellow patron has left some McNugget sauce smeared all over it.  Oops.  Cart Choice #2 is looking better…better…  Dang- I guess there wasn’t anywhere else for a kid to plant the remnants of a cherry sucker.  Next.  I mean, if I’m not wiping off McNugget sauce, I’m not gonna scrape cherry sucker off of a cart, either.  Cart Choice #3 could be a winner.  Time to roll with it.

Oops… I had to say “roll” in connection with a cart- big mistake.  I think the rest of the world owes me a big “Thank You!” here- ’cause I’m the one that’s always getting the cart with a bum wheel.  You’re welcome, America.

I went through 6 or 7 of those suckers, but the heavens opened up and the light shined down on The Shopping Cart Known as The One That Actually Rolls.

I’m just wondering how all of those bad boys get so banged-up.  Do the homeless guys bring the bad ones back every now and then and swap their’s out?  I mean, if you see a homeless guy with a shopping cart full of his junk, that thing’s gonna roll.  He’s not going to tolerate any foolishness with his wheels, and the rest of us shouldn’t, either.

300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of ’em Roll…

Lastly, this thing that follows is called a cart corral…

Cart Corral:  The fenced areas in store parking lots used to collect discarded shopping carts.

Can we all agree to use these things every now and then?  Yes, conventional wisdom does allow that one would be safe in just leaving their cart in the middle of a parking lot.  Playing the percentages, there’s a great chance that it wouldn’t roll away.  But just in case you’ve gotten your hands on The Shopping Cart Known as The One That Actually Rolls, take the extra minute or two and please park it in the ol’ corral when you’re done with it.  Pardner.

300 Shopping Carts and About 5 Of ’em Roll…


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