We Can Never Thank Our Mothers Enough

We Can Never Thank Our Mothers Enough


….because mothers stay.

Greetings, America.  “Because mothers stay?  What the heck does that mean?”  The answer is as simple as my statement is explicit.  Plainly and simply, we have a moral crisis on our hands- a proverbial nightmare that just keeps getting worse.  It’s a nightmarish decline of the American family unit, and we need thank God above for all of the mothers among us who do their best to keep things together despite the costs or consequences they endure.

The man is supposed to be the head of the household. To those who disagree, that’s not my opinion on things or my wishes- but rather the way God said it should be. As with many of life’s other truths, He said it- I just read it.

Our problem as a nation is that many men have chosen to bail out on their families and to abdicate their responsibilities- often leaving an ill-prepared lady or young lady to be both mother and father to their children. Things shouldn’t be that way, but they are- and our mothers “make do” with minimal complaint and far too little fanfare.

Ever hear of a “deadbeat mom”? They surely exist. But in my handling of 3,000 or so rental applications over the past 11 years, I can probably count the number of deadbeat moms I’ve run across on one hand. Deadbeat dads? Please. It’s both sad and true, but I’ve come to expect that dads won’t be supportive- leaving me pleasantly surprised when some actually contribute as they should.

We Can Never Thank Our Mothers Enough

Soccer moms…den mothers….PTA ladies. Do any men participate in their kids’ lives in such a manner? Of course. Are there moms that don’t? Surely. But more often than not, it’s Mom that steps in as the Elmer’s Glue personified- binding a fractured family together as best she can. Though perfectly imperfect as we all are, it’s our mothers who stand guard over our families- their most stalwart of sentinels.

Today, I thank my own mother, Sarah Hill, back in my native Birmingham. Over the years and across the miles, it’s always been her that’s made Alabama my Sweet Home, Alabama.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers today. One of my earnest prayers for today will be the same as with every day- that men of God will step up and lead our American families as He’s instructed us to do.

Until that happens, though, We Can Never Thank Our Mothers Enough for standing in to bridge the gaps they’ve been left with- and doing their best to play the hands they’ve been dealt.  For though I’ve heard a ton of good words about my tagline over the years, it’s our mothers who truly turn “houses” into “homes”.


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