“Let’s do this”

“Let’s do this”

“Let’s do this”

Just a few words…“Let’s do this”– and surely ones folks understand more than larger groups of words like “necrotizing fasciitis“.

On a September day more than 10 years ago, Todd Beamer uttered “Let’s roll” aboard United Flight 93- and his words have been used to inspire and hearten an untold number of folks since that sad day when a miserable, pathetic group of homicide bomber-terrorists launched their attack on the land that I love.  Beamer’s words are ones that we all hope we could’ve mustered at the time- but ones I dare say we’re thankful not to know the answer with absolute certainty.

But along comes young Aimee Copeland, pictured above.  For those unfamiliar with her story, she fell from a zip line on May 1st, and the injury to her leg developed into a vicious infection known as necrotizing fasciitis.  Many have been following her progress and praying for her recovery, and I pray for God’s mercy and grace upon her and her family.

As of this writing, Aimee has lost most of her left leg, her right foot and both hands to amputation- but her spirit remains strong.  Her words to her dad when told of the need to remove here hands?  “Let’s do this”.  Could you…would you say the same?  I don’t know if I could- but I know I’d spend a lot of time praying that our one and only true God would give me the strength to do so.

“Let’s do this”

Please join me in praying for Aimee Copeland, her father Andy, mother Donna and sister Paige.  Pray for Aimee’s doctors and their discernment through Him.  Andy Copeland has said that he feels “God has appointed and anointed Aimee’s doctors as miraculous healers and I trust that their decisions are God-breathed”, and I will pray that remains so.

In a world of far too many that make much more out of things and events that mean much less, one can’t help but look to support this brave fighter as she battles for her life and marches on towards recovery.  Her resilience and courage should serve as an inspiration to us all- and a reminder of where our priorities need be placed.

We should seek comfort in the arms of Jesus Christ, and be assured He will take care of all else.

Andy Copeland said that “I am a proud father of an incredibly courageous young lady”.  Indeed.

Along with the various news sites, the following provide information and updates on Aimee’s progress:



May God bless the entire Copeland family and all who care for them.  Let’s all pray for them and support them.  Let’s do this.


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