Ever run into a tenant you’ve evicted?

Ever run into a tenant you’ve evicted?









Ever run into a tenant you’ve evicted?

Every now and then, I’ll see a tenant of mine “out in public” (like my office or their house isn’t public for some reason).  This is a business where you deal with a ton of folks, and I’m actually surprised I don’t run across them more often.

Small talk is usally made and everyone moves along, but there’s always the possibility that an awkward situation could arise.  One of these would be when/if you run into someone whose application you’ve rejected, with the other being an encounter with someone you’ve had to evict.

The latter reared it’s head yesterday- when I discovered I was in line at the grocery store behind a lady I’d evicted a year or so ago.

I’ve had the good fortune of “only” having to evict 3 folks in the nearly 5 years I’ve been here in Central Florida- so I’ve never really thought that much about how things might go if I ran into any of those folks once I’d bounced their stuff out onto the street.

The lady was friendly to me, and I’d say I was pretty friendly in return.  I figure that’s the best outcome I could’ve expected considering the circumstances.

This encounter served as a couple of reminders, though:  evictions are an unpleasant part of my job, but they are indeed part of the job and not personal issues between the tenants and I.  More importantly, though, is the fact that you can do your job and evict folks- yet still let them maintain their dignity throughout the process and afterwards.

The lady in this case was one whom I’d placed everything she owned in her life outside, yet she’d thanked me back then for treating her with respect and kindness- and did so again yesterday.

I had thrown out 5 TV’s, furniture, goldfish in a bowl and clothing (among other things), but the lady’s dignity never made it to the curb.

Ever run into a tenant you’ve evicted?


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