Ever had a prospect offer you sexual favors?

Ever had a prospect offer you sexual favors?







Ever had a prospect offer you sexual favors?

O.K.  Here’s a good one- and one I’ll be interested to see both how much of a response I get to this post and what type of folks respond to it.  I might ultimately be proven wrong, but I’d figure that more often than not women are the ones offering men said favors.


That said, what types of men are offered them?  Property managers?  “Regular” sales-side folks?  Loan/mortgage-side folks?


So have you ever had a prospect offer you sexual favors?

It’s happened to me a number of times- though it’d been a few years between the last time and an instance a few weeks ago.


Inventory has dwindled to a 6-year low on the sales side of things and inventory has shriveled up on the rental market as well.  Consequently, prospect pools are going to be deeper and successful applicants will be of an increasingly higher quality.  That’s a good thing.


The bad thing is that there will be also be an increasing number of “have nots”.  More and more tenant prospects will present with (and argue to diminish the importance of) “stories” and “situations” that would render the approval of any application they’d submit unlikely.  That’s both a good and bad thing.


Desperation will set in, and folks of questionable character will offer sexual favors to make their applications more appealing.  Our job?  We must ensure we remain above the fray and avoid a slide into ill repute- a simple matter of ethics.

I can see how sales-side folks could receive these offers– folks looking to make their offers stand out above a number of othersI can see it on the lender/mortgage side of life– robo-signing was widespread and it joined “liars’ loans” amongst the number of unbelievable things our market made believable;  the offer of sex in return for moving an offer along is but a hop and skip away.

In property management, the minefield most often lies on the leasing side of things.  That’s been my experience thus far- and was the case most recently.  I had scheduled a few showings back-to-back, and the folks from one appointment lingered to complete an application for the property before leaving.


Those folks were still there when the next party arrived– and I truly wished they’d never left.  Having seen the 1st party completing their application, she knew she had some competition for the place if she chose to apply.  That’s usually a good thing.  Not so in this case- as once I was left alone with the lady a very uncomfortable exchange ensued.  She wanted to know what she could possibly do to be better than the other folks.


The lady offered cash, which I immediately declined.  Following that, she did a little too much encroaching into my 3-foot personal space zone.  She commented about how I was “just too honest” for not taking the money she’d offered, then asked if there was “anything else she could do to be more attractive than the other people”.


Offer #2 rebuffed even quicker than her first one- and it was time to get the heck out of there.  The risks there are too great, the possible rewards far from worth the woes that would follow.  Ethics and moral compass strike again!  Yet another example of how doing the right thing is both action and reward.  And another stark reminder of how desperate some folks may be in looking to acquire something, and how others finding themselves in circumstances similar to mine that day may actually fall prey to them and suffer damages lasting well past any hour or so of pleasure they might enjoy.


So how about you?  Ever had a prospect offer you sexual favors?


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