An apology that’s never going to come…

An apology that’s never going to come…

An apology that’s never going to come…

It seems like apologizing is the “in” thing these days.  Rush Limbaugh apologized to some lady that didn’t feel she was a prostitute.  George Zimmerman gave some kind of apology for killing Trayvon Martin.  And our president has been on a 3 and 1/2-year “apology tour” that’s led him to apologize to anyone and everyone that might have ever thought America did them wrong.  Ridiculous.

Won’t see me apologizing for an incident yesterday, though.  Pigs will fly, Satan will be wearing a parka and the Charlotte Bobcats will be NBA Champions before I apologize to a certain agent I had the misfortune of encountering while showing a rental property yesterday- in a scenario that went as follows….

I had 2 appointments for the same time.  It happens- as folks setting times to view rentals often don’t bother to show up for appointments, even when confirmed just an hour or so ahead of time.  I had made the appointment with one party directly, while the other had acquired the services of Agent T in setting the appointment with an assistant here.

I arrived at the home a few minutes early as I usually do- and seeing that it was 1:30 and about 92 degrees, I wanted to get in and make sure the A/C was blasting and the place was tolerable.  A female who became known as Agent T was sitting in her vehicle when I arrived, yet made no efforts to get out of it- so I went in to turn things on and check things out.

When I went back out the front door, I saw 3 folks from the other party and Agent T with her prospect.  The other 3 stayed down the sidewalk a bit (more on that in a minute), but Agent T blew past me and into the home, prospect in tow.  Once just inside the door, Agent T turned to me and said “I’m the 1:30 that confirmed with you.  She (motioning to her prospect) doesn’t want to look at the property with others here.  She needs her space.  You shouldn’t have those other folks here…..”

In no uncertain terms, I told her she was free to leave.  She then set into a tirade in front of all of the prospects, throwing out “Who’s your manager?  Who’s your broker?  I’m callin’ them!  I’m going to tell them what you said!” and telling me a number of things she felt I shouldn’t be doing.  I was more than happy to give her my card and my broker’s information, and was even more thrilled when she was gone.  She called me unprofessional, yet launched into a tirade in front of everyone.

Call me Mr. Kettle if you’d like…Ms. Pot.

I looked over at the “other” party, and we went in to allow them a look around the home.  Just after Agent T departed, the other party told me what went on at the very beginning of things:

Agent T approached the other folks (whom she didn’t know at all, but who’d actually confirmed the appointment before her) and told them “We’re his 1:30 appointment.  You need to wait out here.”

Good thing Agent T was gone- or things might have been would have been worse than they were.  First, Agent T had no right to tell the other folks anything– let alone tell them to stay outside in the blazing sun!  The other folks characterized Agent T as “overly aggressive”, and I’d say that fits.  If I hadn’t given up curse words many years ago, I’d offer up some other suggestions.

I showed the home to the other prospects, and things went smoothly.  We’ll see if they apply in the next few days.

However… Agent T did call my broker and leave a nasty message.  By the time I’d touched base with the office from the road, she’d also either spoken with or left a nasty voice mail with 5 other folks in my office.  Unnecessary, inappropriate and ineffective.  My broker stands by me, and I ‘preciate it.

But Agent T is expecting an apology from me.  Not gonna happen.  Here’s the only message Agent T would ever get from me:  Don’t ever bum-rush an appointment of mine again.  Don’t try to take over one of my appointments ever again.  And don’t ever, ever tell any of my other clients to wait outside in the hot Florida sun and cause a big scene, Agent T.

And don’t hold your breath as you await an apology that’s never going to come…


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