Ensure everyone signs your agreements

Ensure all owners sign your agreements

Ensure all owners sign your agreements

Whether on the sales side of things or the property management side of things, a solid written agreement is the rock upon which our relationships stand.  The “papers” lay out the duties and responsibilities of each side, and also spell out compensation one side will receive in return for services rendered.

Signatures of all parties are key to making agreements valid- and crucial to making them stand and enforceable should the parties land in front of a judge one day.

It’s not enough to have signatures on our agreements, though- we must have signatures from every principal in our transactions.

Have a listing agreement that’s signed by one spouse and not the other?  Not good.  Have a sales contract signed by one and not the other?  Not good.  Or as it happens from time to time in my property management world, do you have a management agreement that’s signed by only one spouse?  You guessed it- not good.

Things may very well be fine for the duration of your relationship and no problems arise- in which cases you can consider yourself quite fortunate.  On the other hand, there’s lots of opportunity for things to go rather poorly.  It’s those cases that present problems for us- but the good news is that they can be easily avoided by a a bit of diligence.

Check the appraiser’s information.  Know who’s on the mortgages, who’s on the deed– know exactly who owns the properties you’re dealing with, then ensure each and every one of them signs your agreements.

One thing you never want to hear on the other end of the phone:  “Well, my ex-husband may have said you could rent the place out- but did I sign anything authorizing it?”

Oops….better to ensure all owners sign your agreements.


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