THIS is the Medal of Honor

THIS is the Medal of Honor


CMOH Air Force





THIS is the Medal of Honor

Or Congressional Medals of Honor, as the case may be.  Commissioned by Congress and presented by our president, this is simply the highest honor members of our armed forces may receive.  It’s a unique instance where an award is offered in differing styles based on the recipient’s branch of service.

     Never seen a Congressional Medal of Honor winner?  You’re not alone.  With only 81 living Americans bearing one right now, it’s an award whose recipients are truly special.  Want your children to know a hero?  First, let it be you- and second, let it be a Medal of Honor recipient whose story you’ve shared with them.

     How special are Medal of Honor recipients?  Very.  In one word, very.  A list of those who’ve worn this award draped around their necks includes the late Admiral James Stockdale– who endured pain unimaginable and torture unthinkable long before any Left-leaning media sought to render him a buffoon as Ross Perot’s running mate in 1992.

     Why the Medal of Honor talk today?  That’s an easy one- thank you for asking.  In the lesser-known yet arguably most despicable decision revealed today, a U.S. Supreme Court led by once-reliable Chief Justice John Roberts has spit in the face of every hero our nation’s ever known.

     Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito were on the losing end of the Court’s vote to side with a liar named Xavier Alvarez in overturning America’s Stolen Valor Act. This pathetic individual was once a local California water board member- and claimed to have been a Medal of Honor recipient.

In his poetic, yet regrettable assent, Justice Kennedy wrote of how our First Amendment “protects the speech we detest as well as the speech we embrace”. Whatever.

That’s a fine opinion- and one surely embraced by racists like the New Black Panther Party and others. We have long set “Fire!” in a crowded theater aside from other examples of speech, though- and preserving the integrity of our nation’s heroes should be a priority equally high.

As the minority opinion offered, losing the integrity of our nation’s highest military honors ends up “inflicting real harm on actual medal recipients and their families”. Stolen Valor, indeed.

THIS is the Medal of Honor


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