Homeless man leases home- twice!

Homeless man leases home- twice!


Yes, it’s come to this in Scammerland:  A homeless guy that looks like he just stumbled off the beach has managed to swindle a couple of young tenant prospects.  No longer safe in trashing our broken-English Nigerian (or “classic”) scam emails, folks now have a new scammer type to be wary of- the surfer dude homeless guy scammer..  What’s the world come to?

Levity aside, this story and our current “holiday week” does provide another opportunity to address these Craigslist-type scams.  This one’s a bit of a lay-up, but I’ll point out a few warning signs:

“…contacted Sisson by email and text message and he told her to tour the unlocked house on her own”..  OK class, say it with me:  Tenant prospects should always speak to the folks they’re looking to rent from- ALWAYS.  And anyone telling a prospect to view an unlocked home by themselves is at best displaying a pitiful example of the whole “fiduciary trust thing”- and at worst a scammer intent on taking your money.

“handed over $450 in cash…$550 cash” for a deposit.  Anyone?  Hands in the air if you know this is crazy..

Dear tenant prospects, precious little advice on the front end of a leasing tranaction can be more valuable than this:  Never, NEVER tender a security deposit OR rent in cash- never.  You always want a paper trail- be it a money order’s stub or a cashier’s check’s stub or carbon.

Does that ensure everyone you give a money order or bank check will be legitimate?  Of course not- but you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of the cash folks should the ones getting your funds give you a wave and a “Surf’s up!” as you part ways…

Homeless man leases home- twice!”


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