“Un-patriot”? Thou name is Lindsey Graham

“Un-patriot”?  Thou name is Lindsey Graham





“Un-patriot”?  Thou name is Lindsey Graham

It’s a great day, America… Today’s been set aside on our calendar as a day to celebrate American patriots– men like George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who by word and deed alike embodied the best “…who more than self, their country loved.”

But as we honor our patriots of the past, we should also pay a bit of mind to an “un-patriot” of today- for this particular one could very well be doing our republic a great deal of harm.

Senator Lindsey Graham has long been a Republican disgrace.  His efforts towards ceding our nation’s sovereignty through his support of lax immigration laws long ago tagged him Lindsey Gramnesty, and the title still fits.

While Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has failed us miserably this past week, Lindsey Graham has a long, wretched history of betraying our values.

The recent Supreme Court betrayals with regard to Obamatax and immigration are hard to swallow- but harder still when one considers this:

Lindsey Graham is solely responsible for placing justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elaina Kagan on the Supreme Court.

The fourth of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s rules requires that for a nomination to leave committee and proceed to the floor for a full Senate vote, the nominee must receive 10 votes.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.

One vote in favor of a nomination leaving committee must come from the minority…. and Graham cast the lone minority vote for both Sotomayor and Kagan.  Simply put, if this un-patriot had voted with his fellow Republicans, neither of those justices would sit on the Court today.

Speaking of Sotomayor in 2009, Graham said “When I look at her record, her ideology, I’m deeply troubled.”  Then he voted for her.

Speaking of Kagan in 2010, Graham said of the liberal justice that “…there are plenty of reasons for a conservative to vote ‘yes'”  Then he and he alone voted to place her on the court.

In his home state of South Carolina, Graham has so betrayed our conservative values that he has been publicly censured by a number of local Republican groups. Republican Party groups in Charleston County, Wayne County, Lexington County, Aiken County, Greenville County have told him he is no longer welcome at their functions or meetings.

Things will only get better if we get more true patriots interested in our political process, and get them as actively engaged in serving their country as those meeting at Independence Hall once did- honorably and nobly.

In more ways than one, we simply can’t afford another Sotomayor or Kagan on our highest court’s bench.  When asked by many how he could support such nominees, Graham bowed in deference to Barack Obama- claiming he’s “Constitutionally bound to support a qualified nominee”.

In short, he claimed a “requirement” to vote for a nominee because the president is entitled to have whomever he wishes on the Supreme Court.  Scary thinking, Senator.

That begs the question:  If Graham will support those nominees, is there anyone he’d oppose?  I shudder in thinking I already know the answer.  It’s a very dangerous one- and an un-patriotic one.

“Un-patriot”?  Thou name is Lindsey Graham


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