ORRA recommends candidates for August 14th election

ORRA recommends candidates for August 14th election


One of the duties I’ve taken very seriously this year is my place on our Orlando Regional Realtors Association (ORRA)’s Candidate Screening Committee.  A number of folks joined me in looking to do our best to vet candidates seeking election to local school boards- as well as those seeking seats on city and county commissions, state and U.S. congressional offices and the office of Orange County Sheriff.

The following- from our association’s website, www.orlrealtor.com, gives information on whom ORRA has chosen to support in the aforementioned races.

If local and eligible to vote, please take a moment to review this list.  Whether one walks on the red side of the aisle or the blue, our common opponent this election season is apathy.


The ORRA Board of Directors has voted to support the following candidates in the August 14th municipal elections:


18th Judicial Circuit

  • 18th Judicial Circuit Public Defender – Blaise Trettis
  • 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorney – Philip Archer

Orange County

  • Orange County Commission District 3 – Lydia Pisano
  • Orange County Commission District 5 – Ted Edwards
  • Orange County School Board District 4 – Pam Gould
  • Orange County School Board District 5 – Mike Scott
  • Orange County School Board District 6 – Nancy Robbinson
  • Orange County School Board District 7 – Christine Moore
  • Orange County Sheriff – Jerry Demings

Seminole County

  • Seminole County Commission District 3 – Kathleen McIver
  • Seminole County Commission District 5 – Brenda Carey
  • Seminole County School Board District 4 – Amy Lockhart

State of Florida

  • Florida House of Representatives – Bruce Antone
  • Florida Senate District 12 – Geraldine Thompson


Candidates that have been approved for support by the ORRA Board of Directors and accept campaign contributions have received funding from the REALTOR® Political Action Committee.


Candidates are recommended to the ORRA Board of Directors by the ORRA Candidate Screening Committee as a result of their voting record on issues important to REALTORS® and the real estate industry.  New candidates are interviewed by the committee and recommended based on their electability, position on real estate issues, and their willingness to work with ORRA on these issues.


ORRA recommends candidates for August 14 election


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