When no signs is a good sign

When no signs is a good sign


When no signs is a good sign

We hear a lot of phrases with regard to “signs”. “….looking for a sign”, “I’ve seen the signs” and “I see no sign of…” being but a few. We’re always looking for signs– but when is it good not to find any signs?

We’ll bounce from the literary world to the literal one now. I’ll predict with a bit of confidence that anyone trying to exit a driveway near the stretch of signs above would welcome a day without “signs“.

Owners who don’t yet have their place listed for sale or rent? Yep, “no signs” in others’ yards is surely a good thing.

Another group that might find a lack of signs a good thing isn’t so obvious at first, though. That group? Folks new to town, folks that have no idea where they’d like to live. While those folks might not have Realtor representation- and can’t tell you the difference between Elm Street and Easy Street- they can drive through a neighborhood and tell you whether they’d like to live there.

Driving down a street, “no signs” proclaims the same thing to both prospective buyers and renters alike: no signs=”people want to live here”. It tells you that folks are happy there, and values could very well be high there and remain so.

And that completes our tour- having arrived back at Real Estateville 101, illustrating once again that location is of the utmost importance. For indeed, it’s those areas without signs where most folks would like to be.

When no signs is a good sign


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