Aurora’s no Columbine, Sanford no Selma

Aurora’s no Columbine, Sanford no Selma


Aurora’s no Columbine, Sanford no Selma

Like many Americans, I was at a loss for words when I first heard the news out of Aurora, Colorado last week.  The news that the opening-night excitement of one of this year’s blockbuster films had been trumped by an actual tragedy of epic proportions was (and remains) truly disturbing.

We’ve seen what’s sadly become a bit of a routine when things like this occur:  interviews with the (alleged) killer’s friends and neighbors that can’t imagine him doing anything of the sort, school teachers that recall the (alleged) killer as being “a bit odd, but nothing scary”, and the inevitable comparisons between this current event and others.

But Aurora’s no Columbine, Sanford no Selma– and we do little more than kid or distract ourselves if we always look to connect one situation or event with another one.  And we do much worse if we continue with the crazy logic that the “what” somehow correlates to the “where”.

“Columbine”?  2 kids shoot up school- with little targeting.  “Virginia Tech”?  Smart kid shoots up campus, does target some individuals.  “Ft. Hood”?  Army officer goes nuts and takes the lives of some American heroes.

At this point, the tragedy from last week’s dark knight appears to have one human cause, a monster whose name I’ll refrain from uttering.  “Aurora” and it’s good folks bear no responsibility for this heinous crime, and just as with the good residents of “Columbine”, their town’s name should bear no stain for as much.  But I fear it will.

Sentiments are similar here in Central Florida.  Try as they might, a plethora of agitators and race hustlers should not be allowed to turn “Sanford” into “Selma”.  George Zimmerman, by his own admission, killed Trayvon Martin. “Sanford” didn’t kill anyone. I repeat, Sanford didn’t kill anyone.

With 2-inch letters that proclaim a new series, “Sanford’s Divide” in today’s Orlando Sentinel looks to once again pair up Sanford and Selma- with the manner of Martin’s death the alleged common ground. But that’s not the case, either.

More than 36 of George Zimmerman’s friends, neighbors, family members and acquaintences have been interviewed by the Sanford Police and/or the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, and guess what? Not a single one has indicated that Zimmerman is in the least bit racist- not one.

Just as different as Aurora and Columbine, Selma and Sanford should stand in stark contrast: Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge etched in the minds of many as the place where Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) and others endured savage beatings, Sanford where a chance encounter between an older Miami teenager and a neighborhood watch captain from Virginia went terribly awry.

Aurora’s no Columbine, Sanford no Selma


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