800 LinkedIn connections…Now, where’s the business?

800 LinkedIn connections…Now, where’s the business?

“Your LinkedIn Network

800 Connections link you to 5,157,473+ professionals

15,074 New people in your Network since August 1″

That’s it!  800 LinkedIn connections!…wait a second- where’s the dang business that’s supposed to flow from that like a fountain?  I must be doing something wrong, ’cause that’s not the way life’s going these days.  Trickle?  Check.  Drip?  Ditto.  Small streaming line?  Perhaps- but no fountain in sight.

Thanks to Jennifer Murphy from University of Phoenix, who became that magical #800 today.  It’s not her fault my business is slow right now- gotta fall on that sword myself, and I’ve gotta figure out why I’m not converting 800 LinkedIn connections into new business.

All of my business isn’t slow, mind you.  The problem is that part of it is I’m leasing places at break-neck speed and I don’t have the inventory to keep up with myself.  Indeed, the proverbial double-edged sword.

Wait- there’s not any magic business-generatin’ potion?  Guess that’s good to know…and I guess I’ll just keep working like heck and trying to bring in more owners looking to lease out their properties in the midst of the best market for that in the past 5 or 6 years!

And I guess I’ll stop asking “800 LinkedIn connections…Now, where’s the business?”


About Dennis Burgess

Dennis B. Burgess Realtor in Orlando, FL ORRA Vice-chairman of Strategic Planning/Secretary ORRA/FR Boards of Directors Empire Network Realty 6000 S. Rio Grande Ave., #104 Orlando, FL 32803 Cell: 205-445-4755 Office: 407-440-3798 bamaburgess@hotmail.com Twitter: @orlrentals Turning vacant into occupied, and "houses" into "homes"
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