Sharpie Parties Use Social Media To Galvanize Anger Vs. Foreclosed Homes

Sharpie Parties Use Social Media To Galvanize Anger Vs. Foreclosed Homes

I love Sharpies…I mean, I love a good Sharpie pen.  When you’re an autograph collector as I am, the Sharpie is pretty much the gold standard, and every collector worth his salt will have one handy for that “Can you sign this?” moment that can pop up at any time.

That said, I’d venture to say the Sharpie folks are none too pleased about becoming the (un)Official Pen of Organized Vandalism as reported here.  At the Sharpie Parties described here, the only houses are the only things getting autographed- and I’d suppose a bit of free “personalization” is included as well.

Folks are “encouraged to deface the boarded-up and abandoned homes”.

The NBC report above tells of how some folks are “homeowners blaming banks and others for their foreclosures and financial issues” and that they’re looking to “take out their anger on the home.”

According to one of these reports, banks are hesitating to press charges due to a general lack of resources and the fear that it would only fan the flames of social media, inciting larger and more destructive events.

Know what I call this?  Vandalism.  Straight-up hooligans committing vandalism and thuggery upon these properties- and there’s no valid defense for it.  Over 100 attended one of these recent shindigs and just 3 have been caught thus far- and charged with felony vandalism, burglary and conspiracy.  I pray more arrests will follow.

Sharpie Parties Use Social Media To Galvanize Anger Vs. Foreclosed Homes


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