Can you use complete words and sentences, please?

Can you use complete words and sentences, please?















I don’t know if it’s a pitiful trend sweeping the nation- or if we’re just lucky to have some affected folks down here- but I’m speaking to folks every day that have what has to be Tired Mouth and Tongue Disease (TMTD).  Once upon a time, folks spoke in things called sentences and used- get this:  whole words.

Not these TMTD folks, though.  “Yes, I’d like to look at the house on Maryland Av”  Huh???  Did the phone cut out?  Ohhhhh.. you meant the house on Maryland Avenue.  (Guess their mouth and tongue wore out before they could get “enue” out).

Dennis:  “When do you need to move?”  Reply:  “You know- as soon as”  Dang,  TMTD’s gotten another one!  I asked the caller “As soon as what?”- and after a brief struggle, she got “as possible” out.  Amazing.  She was tuckered out before she could get those last few syllables past her teeth.

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just crazy.  After all, I’m still wrestling with those “talk as they write” folks, too:  if someone asks you to view a “three bedroom, two point five bath home”, don’t send ’em my way!

Can you use complete words and sentences, please?


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