Got dead people? My contact list did


Got dead people?  My contact list did

OK, I’m doing it.  At the risk of exposing myself as a poor cyber housekeeper (but all in the interest of the public good,of course), I’m admitting today that my contact list had a couple of dead folks on it.

I guess it shouldn’t be all that surprising- but I’d just never thought about it before and never stumbled across one of the deceased still listed amongst the ranks of the healthy.

It is good that I caught things before I emailed something to the departed- they’re gone and all, but they’ve got loved ones that could’ve gotten my email….and that would’ve been pretty dang embarrassing.

The way I stumbled upon the expired started out really well, though:  I was going through contact lists on a number of sites in an effort to weed out old email addresses, do some updates on folks that had changed companies and so on.  It was amazing how many duplicates I had…stuff that needed merging, other stuff that needed purging.

Yep, I was cleanin’ away and making tons of progress.  And then it happened:  Plaxo this and Constant Contact that turned into “Dang.  I oughtta send somebody a fruit basket or something”

Rest in peace, Ken and Eddie- Birmingham pool guy and Apopka lawn guy, respectively.

Got dead people?  My contact list did


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