That wacky Orlando Sentinel….HOA rules

That wacky Orlando Sentinel….HOA rules







That wacky Orlando Sentinel….HOA rules,0,1907203.column

OK….now they’ve done it.  That wacky, left-leaning Orlando Sentinel has gone and let columnist Beth Kassab write another one of those dang common sense pieces.  In this one, she addresses HOA rules both generally and as they specifically relate to the case of a local Windermere lady who has chosen to disregard the rules of her Summerport neighborhood’s association and plant Bahia grass instead of the prescribed St. Augustine or Zoysia.

Kassab has written a number of real estate-related columns over the years- some of which I’ve agreed with, some I haven’t.  The job of a columnist being to offer opinions and commentary to generate interest and discussion, she’s great at it- and, quite frankly, it might scare me if I were to agree with everything anyone wrote.

She’s dead-on in describing the prevailing opinion homeowners have with regard to their associations- “That mean ol’ HOA this, mean ol’ HOA that…”  What folks often fail to realize is this:  that “mean ol’ HOA” is them.

I recall a quote from a poster a while back. I think there may have been a possum or something on the thing, but the quote was “We have met the enemy and he is us!” and harkened back to Commodore Perry and the War of 1812.  The same applies in these instances, dear homeowners:  if rules exist, you need to follow them.  If you don’t like them, attend your association’s regularly-scheduled meetings and work to have the rules changed the right way- in “real” court versus the court of public opinion whose members have no vote on your association’s matters.

Now, make sure you check out this column soon- before the Orlando Sentinel‘s higher-ups discover it and make Beth take it down!

That wacky Orlando Sentinel….HOA rules


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