Good communication is key- it could save a life!

Good communication is key- it could save a life!

Angry landlord







Good communication is key- it could save a life!,0,4556319.story

From today’s Orlando Sentinel comes this story that I dare say few could label as anything short of disturbing.  Excerpts:

“A Lake County landlord is accused of shooting and killing his tenant while the man was holding his 1-year-old granddaughter Wednesday evening.”

“…had just returned home from dinner with his ex-wife before the shooting began, according to an arrest affidavit. The two were getting their granddaughter out of the car when….started arguing.”

At the risk of offending any other landlords reading this who may have killed their tenants, this is just flat-out ridiculous.  Have I had disagreements with tenants living in properties I’ve managed?  Of course.  Have I ever killed one of them?  Of course not.  Have I ever thought of killing any of them?  Nolo contendre’.

On a serious note, there is nothing more precious than a human life.  Both possessions and property are replaceable- human lives aren’t.  And while this is certainly an extreme example of landlord/tenant communications breakdown, we’re all well-served by taking a step or two back to reflect upon how we handle our daily communications- and how others typically interpret things we say and how we say them.

Are you concerned about your customers and/or clients- or do you simply pretend to be so?  You’d better know the difference- because they will.

Do you speak in a tone, manner and tenor that allows you to get your points across, while keeping your conversations civil- or do you let your emotions play a part in things when they shouldn’t?

Perhaps most importantly, do you listen when others are speaking?  Listening to others (versus simply hearing them) shows your concern for them, their ideas and needs- and not doing so leaves room for confusion and/or resentment that can fester.  Though rare as in this case, that lingering resentment can lead to scenarios with tragic consequences.

So how about you?  Feeling good about how you communicate with others?

Good communication is key- it could save a life!


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