Near-miss on the roads of Orlando

Near-miss on the roads of Orlando

Near-miss on the roads of Orlando

Many have viewed my posts in my Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road series- which at last count had tallied 38 needless pedestrian deaths.  I’ve surely never expected to hit anyone- though there have surely been times when I’ve swerved to avoid a wayward pedestrian (or even a family of them).

This photo from my trip to work yesterday morning gives a bit of a look into how things go around here.  It’s my hope that this post serves 2 purposes:  an informational/awareness one that all may benefit from, but also a serious and cautionary one for folks that might be coming our way for either business or pleasure.  Folks here for the first time will truly be shocked at the roadway environment our local law enforcement organizations’ lack of commitment to public safety has created.

These 2 gentleman darted out into traffic in front of a number of vehicles.  More than anything, they have our relatively low traveling speed to thank for their making it to the other side of this roadway- no decision on their part was intelligent here and they should never be looked at as role models by any means.

Here’s hoping you have a great trip to wherever you’re headed next- but make sure you keep an eye open for folks that wish to use the street as their playground.

Near-miss on the roads of Orlando


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