Time to fall back…already?

Time to fall back…already?


Time to fall back…already?

No offense intended, of course- but can anyone tell me where our summer went?  Or where at least where 2012 went? It seems like the same ol’ thing every year: with each passing month, we ask each other “Can you believe it’s March….April…..October already?”– like the passage of time is this new concept the clock and calendar folks have sprung on us and all. Guess it’s a good conversation starter when there’s nothing else to discuss, though- goes hand-in-hand with “Nice weather we’re having, huh?” and the obligatory “How are you doing?” that we throw at strangers while not really caring what their answer might be nor remembering it too long once we’ve heard it.

The end of Daylight Savings Time ends in the wee hours of tomorrow, when we hit 2:00 am, then back to 1:00 am so that we can enjoy 2:00 am all over again. I haven’t decided whether the beginning of Daylight Savings Time or its end is more interesting church-wise: when we “spring forward”, we can see who has forgotten about it by the number of empty seats in our services’ attendance- but tomorrow’s services will be packed with the forgetful folks who arrived an hour early!

In that scheme of things, I figure I’m favoring the latter over the former…so tell everyone you know about this whole “fall back” thing– and let’s pack those pews!

…and before we know it, it’ll be time for that oh-so-clever “See you next year!”

Time to fall back…already?


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