Election 2012 Results, Analysis and Commentary

Election 2012 Results, Analysis and Commentary

Election 2012 Results, Analysis and Commentary

Well, we’ve come to the end of another long election cycle and America has spoken the folks across our great land that managed to somehow squeeze a bit of free time out of their busy schedules and vote for (or against) those seeking to chart America’s path over the next few years have spoken.

As the son, grandson and nephew of those who have served in our Army and Air Force during wartime and one who proudly served our nation as a Navy cryptologist myself, I accept the outcome of yesterday’s elections as a testament to American democracy despite my absolute disagreement with some of the day’s actual results.  My commentary follows.

Regardless of one’s political leanings, many folks are feeling that some good folks lost yesterday- and I’m surely no different.  Locally, we saw a fine public servant in John Tegg lose his bid for Orange County Sheriff, a fine Christian man in Scott Plakon lose his bid for re-election in Florida House District 30- and Florida ceded the opportunity to replace an extremist liberal senator Bill Nelson with another fine man in Connie Mack.

In ways of the positive, U.S. Rep. Dan Webster (R, now FL-10) resisted all urges to engage in negative campaigning and his efforts were rewarded with a victory over ultra-liberal media darling Val Demings.  A great leader in John Mica (R, FL-7) will return to Congress and “the peoples’ work” after dispatching with a political novice.

National races were a mixed bag from my view- as the joy in Rep. Michele Bachmann‘s win in MN-6 is muted by the sorrow in Florida U.S. Rep. Allen West‘s narrow defeat in FL-18.  Without a doubt, the greatest news for me yesterday came from my native Sweet Home, Alabama:  U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus (AL-6) was returned to office by a huge margin and Chief Justice Roy Moore- one of the finest men of both God and law I’ve ever known- was returned to his rightful place on the Alabama Supreme Court.

To be sure, there’s no “soul-searching” that I need to do today and no time’s needed to sit and ponder what went tragically wrong in yesterday’s presidential election.  My views on all of life’s issues remain the same today as they were yesterday, last week and next week- and the “what went wrong” last night was the fact that less folks agreed with me than disagreed with me.  That’s their choice and their moral loss, not mine- for wrong remains wrong no matter how many vote to call it right.

We should still trust each other to take responsibility for our own actions, our children and our finances. We should neither depend on the government for our subsistence nor tolerate others who choose to do so.

We should support our military and our ambassadors, and protect all of them in harm’s way- even if the protection they require is from their Commander-in-Chief.  We should work if we’re able and require others do the same- and cease the age-old practice of confiscating the fruits of the hard-working and paying the non-working.

Those who kill babies are wrong– and we should work to preserve human life at all costs.  We must provide voices to the voiceless and we must stand for those who can’t yet do so and preserve their rights to live long past the cradle and toddling age.

Lastly, marriage was intended to be between one man and one woman– period.  God issued no recent Biblical updates to the contrary and those feeling otherwise are as wrong today as they were yesterday.  Whether one chooses to shroud their argument in colors red, green, yellow or pink matters not- as He who’s our Author and Perfector settled that dispute long ago.

I do indeed lament a great deal of Election 2012‘s results- but for the realization that so many Americans got things wrong versus any thoughts I may have done so.  But I continue to believe America is the greatest nation our planet’s ever known and one worth fighting for.

My goal is to pray for our current president and other elected officials even when my personal dislike for their agendas is great- for America is greater.  God is as great today as He was yesterday!  I will pray that He continues to bless America and guide the paths of all of our leaders, and I urge you to do likewise.

Election 2012 Results, Analysis and Commentary


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