NAR Convention 2012: Realtorin’ ain’t easy…or cheap

NAR Convention 2012: Realtorin’ ain’t easy…or cheap






NAR Convention 2012: Realtorin’ ain’t easy…or cheap

It’ll be a busy weekend around here- with our national Realtor convention (or the 2012 Realtors Conference and Expo, to be technically correct) coming to The City Beautiful and all.

It’s a jam-packed few days, to be sure- and the schedule you’ll find on the conference/expo’s website is an exhaustive description of all the weekend’s happenings:

One thing that I don’t see happening?  Attending the big event myself.  It’s not for lack of interest, mind you- there are a ton of classes I’d like to attend, and the combination of educational and networking opportunities would prove invaluable to me as we welcome 2013 and I set out to serve my local association once again.

No, my lack of attendance at the event will be due to my simply not being able to afford it.  Paraphrasing (or blaspheming, depending on your perspective) the words of Ice-T, Realtorin’ ain’t easy…or cheap.

Aside from the “full ride” admission ($400 for every day or $170 for a single day), there are a number of “ticketed events” that aren’t included: 

Last night… Inaugural gala $135

Today…Resort & Second Home Networking Reception $65

Tomorrow… Commercial Caffeinated Networking Breakfast $45

Tomorrow… ABR® and SRES® Networking and Awards Reception $35

Tomorrow…  Good Neighbor Awards Dinner $120

Tomorrow… International Night Out & Awards Ceremony $175 (non-CIPS member)

Sunday… Inspirational Pre-Program Breakfast $35

Sunday… EverGreen Networking and Award Reception $35 (non-GREEN member)

Would I want to attend all of the events listed above?  Surely not.  I might want to check out a couple of them, though.  I wouldn’t care to attend every educational event, either- though I have a great deal of interest in several that fall on Monday’s schedule:

WordPress Course 1: Content

WordPress Course 2: Community

WordPress Course 3: Conversion

I figure there are tougher things in life than missing this convention There are tougher things in life than missing this convention, to be sure- and I’ll get by.  “So why did you write this post, Dennis?”  Good question- and one with a couple of answers:

1)  I do feel this thing is expensive- and that’s for a guy that lives here.  For the folks spending money on hotels, airfare, food and the crappy refrigerator magnets they’ll take home to their relatives, the toll is even greater.  With this being the time of year for Realtor dues as well, it’s tough on folks.

2)  Aside from some “gripe session”, I want to give those outside our industry a bit of a peek into it.  Many still have a crazy perception that Realtors work very little, drive big Buicks and rake in huge commission checks every day- and it’s one case where perception is not reality.

I’ve addressed the Buick issue elsewhere (Who still drives those things?), but here’s a bit of a revelation from other areas of our industry:  Realtors work and awful lot of hours and work very hard, and huge commission checks are few and far between.  We’re not curing cancer or splitting atoms, but this profession of ours is far nobler than many seem to believe.

The 2012 Realtors Conference and Expo serves as another fine example of the great deal of education Realtors seek in hopes of better serving the public- and the costs they incur in doing so.  This business truly is a profession- practiced by professionals, and despite outward appearances to the contrary…

Realtorin’ ain’t easy…or cheap


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