Orlando Real Estate Market: October, 2012

Orlando Real Estate Market:  October, 2012

Orlando Real Estate Market:  October, 2012

New numbers are out- and there really aren’t any surprises around here:



Overall, a couple of points do stick out to me, though:

Orlando home sales (all home types combined) in October 2012 were up 14.17 percent when compared to October of 2011 and up 6.01 percent when compared to September 2012.

Single-family home sales in the Orlando area increased by 20.13 percent in October when compared to October of last year.

Of the 2,434 sales in October, 1,148 normal sales accounted for 47.17 percent of all sales, while 561 bank-owned and 725 short sales respectively made up 23.05 percent and 29.79 percent.

On an individual county basis, numbers from Lake County were the most impressive in terms of increases from last October to this one, with sales 22.49 percent above October 2011 (403 homes sold in October 2012 compared to 329 in October 2011)

Interest rates around here remain low- and the Orlando-area remains a great place to buy your next home.  Whether you’re looking for your next homesteaded property or an investment one, Orlando remains the place to find one.  Investment-wise, Orlando couldn’t be hotter and my inventory mirrors that of other property managers in that great properties go from “Available” to “Now Earning Their Owner Some Money” status in no time at all.

But how long will that remain the case?  Inventory continues to decline…will you have a seat when the music stops?

Orlando Real Estate Market:  October, 2012




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