Black Friday…great day for work?

Black Friday…great day for work?

Black Friday…great day for work?

As most everyone knows (or at least the folks that have been lined up at our Orlando-area Best Buy stores and others for 3 days now do), there are some great deals to be had on Black Friday– and I’m sure this one will be no different.

Any talk of exposing those who played the biggest part in 4 American heroes losing their lives in Benghazi will soon be banished from our newscasts– and replaced by far-more-important stories of Grannies getting pimp-slapped by the thugs at their local Wal-Mart ’cause they dared stand their ground to get the store’s last Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle (whatever that is).

But is Black Friday a great day to work?  Megan Hopkins thinks so, and in the above article she discusses a survey supporting her ideas.  Though the survey group was relatively small (344 respondents), 40% of those who answered said they’d be showing houses this Black Friday weekend- and 14% said they’d be hosting Open Houses.

My thoughts?  Not too sure about working Black Friday or the weekend as it stands- even today.  Over the years, the Thanksgiving weekend has been a surprisingly good weekend for move-insFolks seem to enjoy using what amounts to a 4-day weekend to load/unload the U-Haul between Turkey Time and Redskins-kickin’-Dallas’-tail-time (which varies, of course- depending on your time zone).

The last couple of days have been a bit slow in Phone Call-land and I haven’t had a clamoring for appointments over the next few days- so I might just sit this whole thing out altogether.  It just might be a good year to take a break from the hustle and bustle of appointments with folks that could show up or not and the hustle and bustle of Wal-Mart and the malls.

So, what about you?  Working Black Friday or Black Friday weekend?  If not, may you have a great holiday and enjoy some quality time with your family in giving thanks to our good Lord above for what He’s given us.

And for those of you brave souls hitting the malls or donning the Kevlar vest for the trip to Wal-Mart?  That Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle ( does look pretty cool.  If you see a good deal on one, I’d snag it if I were you.  If nothing else, you can Ebay that bad boy or turn around and sell it to one of the Wal-Mart thugs that missed out on one…

Black Friday…great day for work?


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