Black Friday 2012 shopping, Orlando-style

Black Friday 2012 shopping, Orlando-style


Parking spot

NOT a parking spot

Black Friday 2012 shopping, Orlando-style

Well, Thanksgiving 2012 is now behind us- giving way to Black Friday 2012. Folks here in Orlando and elsewhere have taken to their local Best Buys and other stores in search of great deals.

In some places, it’s more of an end to something than a beginning, though- as Black Friday tent cities like the one at this Best Buy down the street from me are taken down and folks that have been “bonding” for nearly a week now are saying their farewells…or “Get outta my way!”s.

Hoping everyone gets their $150-off TV’s- seeing that they have spent about 96 hours in line for ’em.

Words to the wise, though, as Black Friday 2012 rolls along: the thing shown in photo #2 here is called a parking spot. It’s the one cleverly-labeled “Parking spot”. The other thing shown in photo #3 above and cleverly-labeled “NOT a parking spot” is (you guessed it) NOT a parking spot. It’s called a “cart corral”.

Cart corrals are really cool things- and even cooler when vehicles aren’t parked inside ’em and you can actually put carts in there…

Black Friday 2012 shopping, Orlando-style


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