Few Wal-Mart employees quit, agitators hold pitiful protests

Few Wal-Mart employees quit, agitators hold pitiful protests


Few Wal-Mart employees quit, agitators hold pitiful protests

“Big protests coming”.  Thousands of employees are going to walk out on Black Friday, risking loss of their jobs in order to fight back at The Man mean ol’ Wal-Mart. Hmmm.  Don’t see that it happened. Where’s your commitment, Wal-Mart quitters?

Perhaps you observed how Hostess handled their little quitter problem:  Instead of bowing to Big Unions’ most recent shakedown efforts, Hostess made their best efforts toward ending the stalemate that ground Twinkie production to a Ho-Ho halt.  In the end, Big Union created a Happy Thanksgiving for 15,000 workers.  Congratulations.

There are 2 main differences between Hostess quitters and Wal-Mart quitters, though.  First, Hostess quitters were actually union members who enjoyed the right to collectively quit- while Wal-Mart’s quitters were just quitters.  Secondly, though, Hostess’ quitters actually quit- while Wal-Mart’s quitters got cold feet…or is that common sense?

The Big Wal-Mart Walkout around here?  WKMG-6 reported that “U.S. Rep.-elect Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) joined a Walmart worker as she walked off her job in St. Cloud as part of a nationwide protest against the country’s largest employer… On “Black Friday,” Grayson also joined a walkout at a Walmart in Orlando.”

That’s it, Wal-Mart quitters- the power of one.

Agitators showed up to protest, though.  Where Wal-Mart quitters failed to actually quit (if that makes sense), a crowd of more than 3 dozen agitators showed up at one of our local Wal-Marts.  Out of the 36 or so agitators surveyed, exactly one of them was a current Wal-Mart employee- and only 2 of the 36 or so agitators had ever worked for Wal-Mart.

So…as Black Friday comes to a close, can we label the aforementioned scenarios as success or failure? I’m choosing success. For maybe- just maybe- Hostess has served to set a new standard in their swan song: if you want to work here, work here. If not, kindly hand your badge to the guard as you head home to tell your family you just surrendered a good job that others would gladly take if given the chance.

You wise ol’ Wal-Mart quitters employees got that- didn’t you?

Few Wal-Mart employees quit, agitators hold pitiful protests

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