Absolutely Florida: Gator Jerky

Absolutely Florida:  Gator Jerky


Absolutely Florida:  Gator Jerky

Fancy advertising.  Great packaging.  Great taste.  Pleasant shopping experiences in air conditioned supermarkets or delis.  Ummmm… no.

A recent Orlando Sentinel story reminded me of something I’ll throw in the Absolutely Florida bin:  gator jerky.

I’ve always been up for trying things at least once.  I typically eat a Five Guys hamburger combo every Saturday (which is a fairly boring thing, I guess) and I eat a good bit of chicken throughout the week.  But I have been to the annual Jaycees’ Rattlesnake Rodeo back in Opp, Alabama– and tried a bit of fried rattlesnake.  Don’t let anyone fool you about rattlesnake, folks- the only way I can see that “tastes like chicken” stuff being true would be if you eat your rattlesnake with a chicken chaser.

No, rattlesnake is pretty dang tough to eat- not much meat and too much work.

But back to the gator jerky… On one of my first trips to NASA after I moved here (back when we had this thing called a space shuttle that went up into space and did some pretty cool things, that is), I noticed a Gator Jerky sign like the one above- and I had to stop and try the gator jerky.  I thought it was a joke, quite frankly- sorta like “prairie oysters” that might be found on a dang prairie, but don’t have any sort of oyster to ’em.

Nope.  Gator jerky was (and is) real stuff.  It’s sold on the side of the road where you see the fancy signs- and most often comes in a Ziploc bag versus any type of fancy packaging.  Lord knows what kind of caloric content we’re talkin’ here- as any notion of a “label” flys out the window with the fancy packaging.  And gator jerky ain’t cheap- you’ll pay about $10 for a baggie of that little touristy delicacy.

So how’s that Gator Jerky Taste gonna hit you?  It’s surprisingly good!  Some guys sell teriyaki gator jerky (we’ll just call it “TGJ” for short), some have “hot and spicy”, some just plain ol’ dried-up gator (as shown above).

Every now and then, you have to throw caution to the wind and step outside your comfort zone…live a little.  So the next time you’re down here in the Sunshine State, remember that we’re famous for oranges, a mouse, a cheating pro golfer or two- and gator jerky.

And give gator jerky a try.  It’s closer to beef jerky than you’d think…and it beats the heck out of rattlesnake.

Absolutely Florida:  Gator Jerky


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