Neighbors Helping Neighbors: Food and Hope, Orlando

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  Food and Hope, Orlando

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  Food and Hope, Orlando

Take part in the 2012 Community Food & Outreach Center Fall Needs Drive from November 5th-December 2nd 2012

Why support this cause and this event?  It promises to be a fun weekend coming up.  WDBO is the radio station I’m often turned to while on the road (it and Contemporary Christian Z88.3), and they’re wrapping up this year’s drive to help the outreach center by broadcasting live and giving folks an opportunity to meet some of their favorite radio personalities.

Well, that is pretty cool- but is that the only reason?  Of course not.  The main reason you should support this cause and event is that this place helps people.  Everyone is familiar with “the shelter” or “the food bank” (both of which serve noble causes as well), but this place is a bit different in the way it approaches “help”.  This place is also a bit different from the “usual” shelters folks are aware of in that many using this center’s services may very well have stopped in on their way home from work.

Central Florida has a good number of “working poor” folks that simply need a bit of “help”.  Some may have had car repairs that drained their budget, some an acute medical need, some in need of funds between the time they start a new job and the first time they get paid from it.  And some may simply be working as hard as they can at a job or two or three- and the funds are still long gone before the calendar’s out of days each month.

Unlike some other places, the Central Florida Community Food & Outreach Center  wants to deal with folks and truly discover why they’re there- all with an emphasis on getting their clients better positioned so that they won’t need to return.  It’s the best one could ask for in terms of a food/cash/clothing/shelter-type cause, huh?  Join WDBO in their final push to help this organization help others this holiday season- and you just might find that you’re the one who benefits the most from it.

The Central Florida Community Food & Outreach Center strives to provide a hand up for those in need, helping them to break free from poverty by offering hunger relief, crisis care, transformative education,  and employment training opportunities.

The programs offered by the Community Food & Outreach Center focus on giving working poor families a positive hand up during their greatest time of need.

We’ll end our drive with a live broadcast at the Community Food and Outreach Center, on the weekend of December 1st and 2nd.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  Food and Hope, Orlando


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