Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #39

Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #39


Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #39

Quick- do you see the lady in this photo? If it’s tough finding her in this photo while sitting at your computer or checking it out on a phone in your hand, imagine how tough it is dodging these folks as they dart in and out of our traffic every day.

While she appeared to have made it safely to the other side of the road tonight, there’s never a guarantee things will work out when one decides to veer off the sidewalk/crosswalk and into the streets where they should not be.

Tragedies occur quite frequently around here. With this news story’s subject and most others, though, tragedy doesn’t equal “accident”.

Man killed after struck by Mini Cooper

Eloísa Ruano González, Orlando Sentinel

A pedestrian was killed Monday night after he was struck by a Mini Cooper, the Florida Highway Patrol reported today.

The man, whose name has not been released, was attempting to cross U.S. Highway 192 near Bali Boulevard, according to FHP. Troopers said the driver, John Emmons, 56, of St. Cloud, was heading eastbound and did not see the man crossing the road.

This preventable death comes on Lake County (FL) Sheriff Gary Borders‘ watch. As with similar cases in other Florida counties, it might have been prevented had Sheriff Borders and his organization placed a degree of emphasis on enforcing our state’s pedestrian traffic laws. Didn’t happen, though- and like other area sheriffs, Borders has chosen not to enforce said laws.

I don’t personally know how many must die before law enforcement sees a need to protect folks from themselves, but I’d like to think we’re getting close to hitting it. After all, Pedestrian Tales #40 is just around the corner.

May God bless and counsel those surviving family members of the man who lost his life here. Perhaps more importantly, though, may He bless and forever counsel Mr. Emmons– providing him with the knowledge that tragedies such as this are unavoidable once unwise, misguided pedestrians venture into the automobiles’ domain.

Pedestrian Tales From the Middle of the Road, #39


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