How much do you value your real estate license?

How much do you value your real estate license?


How much do you value your real estate license?

It’s a simple question, really…or is it? Think about it for a minute- how much do you really value your real estate license?

I’d like to congratulate Sandy Lewis– an administrative assistant with Orlando’s Hampton & Hampton Management and Leasing who took and passed the exam for her Florida Real Estate Salesperson’s License early last week. While I worked at Hampton & Hampton, I not only witnessed what a great person Sandy is- but also how hard she works every day. She told me on Thanksgiving Day that she’d passed her exam a few days before then, and she’s clearly excited by the new opportunities having a real estate license might bring to her- both monetary and otherwise.

As I thought of Sandy’s excitement in getting her license, I thought of my own license. Do I value my license as much as new licensees like Sandy value theirs? Do you value your license as much as one of today’s new licensees? Why or why not? And what impact, if any, could your answer be having on your business?

Having a real estate license is a basic requirement for many of us- something we have to have if we want to work in the field that makes our living. We surely want to make sure we keep our licenses and not violate rules or laws that would place them in jeopardy- but is that the same as valuing the licenses and what they represent? I’m not so sure.

We speak ill of others in our business for doing this and that that they shouldn’t be doing- whether the “this and that” be illegal or unethical, and justifiably so. I’d offer that even those treading ethics’ and/or the law’s finer edges may indeed “value” their licenses as vessels carrying them toward that next great commission check that’s around the bend, but they need not be mistaken for folks valuing their licenses as the gentleman pictured above. Those folks see their licenses as evidence of their inclusion among members of a noble profession.

So whether it be for its compulsory nature, the education required to attain it and/or retain it or the great piece of wall space a nice-looking, framed license might very well occupy- ask yourself and others this question (and if you’re a broker, ask those under you this question)…

How much do you value your real estate license?


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