Obamacare IS the answer…if you ask the right questions

Obamacare is the answer…if you ask the right questions


Obamacare is the answer…if you ask the right questions

Seems like we can’t open a newspaper… Wait- folks don’t actually do that anymore. Seems like we can’t watch the news or stumble across any type of newscast without hearing talk of “the fiscal cliff”, and of how Obamacare isn’t the cure for our nation’s ills. To be sure, Obamacare is more apt to hurt us more than it ever “cares” for us.

But Obamacare is the answer…if you ask the right questions:

“What is the massive big-government program designed to ruin the only health care system most Americans have ever known?” Obamacare

“What’s the name of that crazy program coming online soon- the one crowning the government as the smartest arbiter of all health decisions and removing traditional patient/provider decisions on most matters?” Obamacare

“What’s that program coming online that will be the first of it’s kind- one featuring the unconstitutionally-mandated forced payment of premiums and fines for not complying with same?” Obamacare

“What’s that thing that’ll force employers into massive new tax levies- ones many can’t afford and who will elect to go out of business versus losing money and losing that very business they worked so hard to build?” Obamacare

“What do they call that program that’ll drastically reduce payments to hospitals/providers of care- and inherently serve to discourage many from entering the medical profession and encourage many others to leave it?” Obamacare

“What’s that exciting new program (heading toward full implementation) that’s going to provide a wealth of “bonding” opportunities with our neighbors- endless hours in hospital and E/R waiting rooms sure to spawn octogenarian love from sea to shining sea?” Obamacare

…and lastly, “What’s the one and only government-sponsored socialist program coming along that’s known by a nickname- yet one that will most likely come with its own ready-made nickname?” Obamacare meets Obamadontcare, indeed.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen- it’s truly a simple matter of perspective. “Obamacare isn’t the answer”? Hogwash!

Obamacare is the answer…if you ask the right questions.


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