This post was supposed to be about light bulbs

This post was supposed to be about light bulbs


This post was supposed to be about light bulbs

Like many folks- I dare say most folks– I’ve followed the news of today’s tragedy in Connecticut fairly closely. I hadn’t planned on writing about it yet, though. I’d planned on going about things as usual- and this post you’re reading was going to be one discussing the positives and negatives of light bulbs.

Things change, though- and I’m going to use this post to discuss self-evident truths.

Webster’s defines a self-evident truth as one that is “evident in itself without proof or demonstration”. Water is wet. It’s hot on the surface of the sun. And in the words of our Founding Fathers so many years ago, “all men are created equal”.

Another self-evident truth is that true evil exists in our world today.

Folks like me- Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour- know that true evil exists today. Rather than ignore it and bury our heads in the sand in hopes that evil will simply pass us by, we confront evil in many forms not just today- but every day. We’re in need of neither Breaking News alert nor a 4-inch headine trumpeting evil’s arrival: He’s been around for a couple of thousand years now.

For others, though, today’s tragedy must serve as both the proof and demonstration of evil’s presence. Mattering not the manner in which one gained awareness of the nearly-unspeakable chain of events that played out in Connecticut today, our response to it should be a common one:

We should hold our kids close tonight- for some parents can no longer do so. We should recognize that there are some things in life for which we’ll never know an explanation- and it’s fine for we know who does. Lastly, we can resolve to do better- for our own kids and our neighbors’ kids’ sake, we can pray for His mercy upon us and that we might welcome both peace and comfort with or without understanding why we need it.

He who’s known as both our Wonderful Counselor and our Redeemer remains in control of both Heaven and Earth. May He bless and keep all of us today and every day- and may He provide an even greater degree of comfort, clarity and understanding to those closest to the Connecticut’s sadness: God bless you, Sandy Hook Elementary School- and God bless you, Newtown, Connecticut.


This post was supposed to be about light bulbs


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