Amazon Vision Ministries

Amazon Vision Ministries

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Amazon Vision Ministries

The sun’s setting in The Amazon before long.  Same as it did yesterday, the day before and the day before that.  Folks in the Amazon Basin see the same sun the rest of us do- but might just see it a bit differently as they view it through poverty-stricken eyes.

The Amazon surely has it’s beauty and intrigue- and sights like The Meeting of The Waters (above, right) strain the imagination.  The Rio Negro meets the Upper Amazon River here- yet the waters’ temperature and weight differences prevent the two rivers’ water from merging together and they run side-by-side for a while before parting.

All’s not well along The Amazon, though.  The Amazon Basin is home to upwards of 1.5 million folks who live virtually isolated from the rest of civilized Earth.  Poverty reigns here, and The Gospel of Jesus Christ is foreign to most.  When Christians spend this time of the year celebrating the birth of Jesus, many along The Amazon are unaware, unaffected and hardly concerned.

That’s changing, though- with the help of organizations like Amazon Vision Ministries ( that seek to spread the Good News to as many as possible in their goal of fulfilling The Great Commission.

And why am I writing about Amazon Vision Ministries?  Great question- and one with a simple answer.  My church, Aloma (Baptist) Church in Winter Park, FL, is joining in the Florida Baptist Convention’s partnership with Amazon Vision Ministries.  A team of 16 folks from my church, including myself, will venture to Menaus, Brazil and on to the Amazon Basin for roughly 10 days.  Our trifold purpose will include evangelism, church planting and church leadership development.

(OK…here it comes)… I am not a fund-raising kind of guy.  I’ll readily admit that if I ever won any sort of prize for selling candy bars in elementary school it was becasue my mother bought every dang one of them.  They say we’ve all got certain gifts- I guess I was just skipped when the gift of fundraising went out!  That said, that’s exactly what I have to do in order to make my mission trip a success.  In this case, I must raise $2,800.

A number of folks graciously responded to a note I sent out a bit ago through LinkedIn- and I can’t begin to express my most sincere appreciation for that response.  All monies are tax-deductible and go straight to the church- so I don’t see any of it and don’t have a clue who’s given anything other than those who’ve explicitly told me they’d done so.

I humbly and respectfully request anything you might be able to spare toward my efforts here.  Monies may be sent to my church at the following address- and please mark “Brazil Trip-Dennis Burgess” in the memo line of your check or money order.

Aloma (Baptist) Church

1815 State Road 436

Winter Park, FL  32792

I thank you kindly for your consideration- and your time in reading this (especially those of you that also read my previous post “Making The Great Commission My Mission..trip”).  I would also like to expressly thank all of you who have told me that you’re not able to contribute right now- but have offered your prayers and good wishes.  Please trust that I understand the times we’re in right now- and that if I could fund this thing myself I wouldn’t ask anyone for a dime!  I appreciate your prayers and good wishes just as much as those of the folks who are able to send funds.

In case this is the last post of mine you read for a while, I offer you and yours a very Merry Christmas and safe travels throughout this holiday season.

God bless you.

Dennis Burgess

Amazon Vision Ministries


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