HOA this, that and “Who’s that?”

HOA this, that and “Who’s that?”

Orlando Property Manager

HOA this, that and “Who’s that?”

We’ve all surely had our share of experiences both good and bad with our friendly neighborhood homeowners’ associations (HOA‘s).

I have a bit of interaction with them on the front end of my prospective tenants’ move-in process- then I hope to never hear from them again until my tenants have vacated, quite frankly.  Citations, warnings, liens, “friendly reminders”, etc- not much good can come in the mail from an HOA once a tenant’s in place.

When looking to get everything in order ahead of a move-in, there are really two vital pieces of information I must have from the HOA:  information on points of contact and exactly what documents (if any) I need to complete prior to the move-in.

But guess what?  Often, it’s the basics with regard to an HOA‘s point of contact information that’s the toughest to figure out.  And without knowing the “who’s”, it’s a lot tougher to figure out the “what’s”.

I think I’ve found a big problem-solver, though- in a new website called Florida HOA Members (http://floridahoamembers.com/)

Florida HOA Members is a one-stop shop of sorts. You can search the site and find management company and contact information for every HOA registered to do business here in the State of Florida. Having information on the site initially sorted by county is also helpful in narrowing things down a bit- as a more manageable list of communities allows you to locate the specific community whose contact information your seeking much quicker.

With a degree of the site’s information likely taken from our Secretary of State’s database, there’s always a chance for errors- but also a measure of certainty that accompanies it. The bottom line, though, is that the site is a somewhat addictive fountain of information that’s value may even increase as time goes by. I know I’ll be on the site often- whether I be in search of the association’s management information alone, on the hunt for an HOA officer’s name/number, etc.

I almost feel the need to point out that I have no connection with this site whatsoever- nor will I profit in any way from folks who might read this and check out the site. I urge everyone to do just that, though- and see if it might help you in the course of your daily work as it has helped me in mine. And if you’re not located here in Florida, why not seek out a similar site for your state or get one started?

HOA this, that and “Who’s that?”


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