Sad showing: “….no such thing as Christmas”

Sad showing:  “….no such thing as Christmas”


Sad showing:  “….no such thing as Christmas”

I was rendered nearly speechless during a showing earlier today.  I say “nearly” to placate those with their hands in the air ready to ask “Really?  You expect us to believe something left you speechless?”, mind you- but trust that it was as close as I’ve been in a long time.

And it wasn’t a something that did it to me- it was a someone.  A 3-year-old someone.

I’d scheduled a time to show one of our occupied units to a tenant prospect this afternoon, and arrived at the place to find one of the tenants’ friends there- along with the tenant and her 3-year-old daughter.  The unit’s newly-listed, and this was the first time I’d met the tenant.

The prospect and I made our way through around the unit- and our first stop was a bedroom that obviously belonged to the 3-year-old.  It was jam-packed with toys of all sorts, dolls of every kind, princess-themed this and princess-themed that.  It looked like a toy store had exploded in there!

As the prospect and I left that room and made our way through the living room and past the others, I made a comment to the little girl that it looked like she’d gotten a lot of nice things for Christmas.  Her quick response?  “There’s no such thing as Christmas”.

And there you have it…speechless by a 3-year-old.

Her mother followed behind her with a “We don’t celebrate Christmas”, and that was pretty much the end of things.  The end of things other than my feeling of sadness over the whole thing, that is.  I figured I did the right thing in not “correcting” the little tyke and wading knee-deep into Fair Housing quicksand before anyone could toss me a rope to ho-ho-hold onto, but it was simply a sad thing.

To be sure, everyone’s entitled to their beliefs.  I don’t have a clue as to these tenants’ religious affiliation (if any)- and nothing’s going to change with regard to how I treat them tenant-wise.  They’ll still get the advance notice before showings that everyone else gets, etc.- and I’ll maintain the utmost degree of professionalism in every way- and I wouldn’t dare tell that mother what she should/shouldn’t be teaching her daughter.

It’d be disingenuous of me to say I didn’t feel bad for the little girl, though- if my heart didn’t hurt just a bit.  To know a bunch of toys and princess stuff, but say there’s no such thing as Christmas?  Sad, indeed.

As for me, I’ll stick with knowing Jesus and knowing Christmas– and leave the princess stuff to other folks.

Sad showing:  “….no such thing as Christmas”


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