Congratulations, Steve Merchant- 2013 ORRA Chairman of the Board

Congratulations, Steve Merchant- 2013 ORRA Chairman of the Board


Congratulations, Steve Merchant- 2013 ORRA Chairman of the Board

Tonight’s the big night for our Orlando Regional Realtor Association (ORRA) – as we’re holding this thing called Red, White and Groove.  It’s part annual awards presentation, part social hour- but also serves as our inaugural.  As I post this, outgoing chairman Stephen Baker (RE/MAX Central) has just handed leadership of our 8,800-member board to our 2013 Chairman of the Board, Steve Merchant of Global Realty International.

I’d like to also recognize the newly-elected members of our Board of Directors:  Abby Barboza (Abbey Road Realty), Reese Stewart (RE/MAX Properties, SW), Sharon Voss (Watson Realty) and my broker, Dan Lopez of Legends Realty.  Congratulations and best wishes to all of them for the coming year- as well as to our new affiliate director- Alice Weinberg (Office of Seminole County Property Appraiser).

I’m expecting our association to have a great 2013– not simply hoping for it or wishing for it.  There’s a difference.

I am very happy for our 2013 Chairman of the Board, Steve Merchant– and I’m thankful for being able to call him a friend of mine.  With no offense intended towards any of our past chairman, I simply believe that Steve’s year as chairman might very well be the best our association’s ever seen- and that’s saying a lot.

I’m confident we’re going to have a great year because I’m confident Steve is going to work hard to make great things happen versus sitting around and waiting for them to happen.  Steve has a genuine, heartfelt concern for every single member of our organization and their success.  It’s not something one has to hear him give a long speech about to understand, but rather something you come to realize after spending just a few moments of conversation with him.

I’m extremely thankful for all of the kind words Steve has had for me over the time I’ve known him- and that’s the kind of thing that keeps one motivated towards success.  I want to do my best toward serving our association in any way I can- and serving my fellow man the best I can- because I’d fall short of Steve’s words with anything less.

Steve will most likely read this, so I’ll go ahead and close with these words:  Congratulations, Mr. Merchant.  This has been your night- I hope it’s been everything you hoped it would be, and everything you deserved it to be.

Congratulations, Steve Merchant- 2013 ORRA Chairman of the Board


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