A stick can’t prop up a fence…A stick can’t….

A stick can’t prop up a fence…A stick can’t….

A stick can’t prop up a fence…A stick can’t….

OK.  After a few years in the Property Management world, you begin to think you’ve “seen it all”.  After a number of weeks, months and years pass by, one learns to never use that silly “seen it all” phrase again.

Here’s a great example of why that’s a good stance to take.  In making my first trip out to show one of our occupied properties the other day, I stumbled across this mess.  Apparently, the fence fell over at some point between our last inspection and my showing that day- and the tenants just didn’t feel the need to let us know about it.

Instead, they chose the path of “self-help” and decided to simply prop the fence up with this stick.  Sweet!

This is a bad thing for a few reasons- but at the top of the list must be the fact that this is simply unsafe.  Having the thing propped up as it is for an extended period of time without addressing the actual problem could only serve to make things worse in terms of the fence itself, to be sure- but the chance that this stick could give way and have the fence come down on a child or a pet’s punkin’ must be the primary concern.

Our maintenance folks fixed this fence today.  One more safety issue resolved, one more day in Property Management-land in the books.

A stick can’t prop up a fence…A stick can’t….


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